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Esther Bella Barnes
11 Jul 2008
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Esther Bella Barnes Your journey to our family. July 6th 2003 2lb 5oz - 1080 grams 36.5cm long Friday June 13th 2003 my waters break at 25 weeks of pregnancy. After admission to my local hospital I am transferred to the Mater to await the birth of our little baby. I receive d medication to mature our babies's lungs and stop labour which gives us some extra time for our little baby to grow. Three and a half weeks later after experiencing three ante partum hemorrhages and several close calls to early delivery, the infection that had threatened me during my stay in the hospital settled in and an emergency caesarian was considered nessary. photo e Sunday July 6th 2003 at 3.53pm our beautiful little girl enters the world weighing only 1070 grams, I was only 29 weeks into my pregnancy. As expected she was having difficulty breathing and was intubated. I couldn't believe how at such an early gestation how perfect she was. Esther remained intubated for only four days. On the fourth day she removed the tube, the tube tube was put back in and again Esther removed it. They decided to trial Esther on CPAP and she didn't look back! I think she was trying to tell us something. photo f Esther stayed on CPAP for a further 14 days. On the fourteenth day she was trailed off it and from that moment on didn't require it. She was still requiring a little oxygen but otherthan this she was doing really well. On day 16 the oxygen levels were reduced and eventually she required no oxygen at all. She was however slow to gain weight, (the lowest weight she got to was 900 grams) so now hopefully she would be able to concentrate all her energies into gaining weight. photo g Day 16 and Esther leaves Intensive Care Nursery. What a giant step. She will remain here until she gains more weight to enable her to be transferred to our local hospital. photo h Day 25 - Esther has a follow up brain scan. Her brain scan at 4 days old had shown signs of a possible brain bleed, we were very anxious about this follow up scan. We breathed a hugh sigh of relief when everything is fine. She is however put back onto oxygen as she is having a little difficulty and the oxygen will make it a little easier for her. photo i Day 29 - our little family packs up to head home after 8 weeks living in brisbane (including my 4 in hospital) as our little girl is transferred home. Thisis a very exciting moment as we know that she has made it and now only needs to "fatten" up for us to take her home! At the same time I am a little apprehensive about heading "home". The trip home was overwhelming for me, returning to the hospital where I had been transferred from with Esther stil in utero hoping that I would return home to have her which was not to be. J photo Esthers time in our local hospital went by without any major hiccups. She was in oxygen up until ten days before we were eventually discharged. They tried to wean her off ot several times but she would really struggle and it was obvious that she still needed it. Once she was weaned off all medication (including caffeine) they tried again and she was fine. This meant that she could come out of the humidicrib and into an open cot like all the other babies. She was 58 days old. Another emotional day! Esther continues to thrive an is gaining weight every day. She weighs 2110 grams at 68 days and it is decided to let her go home. It has been 14 weeks since my admission to hospital and this is the day I have been longing for. Welcome home Esther Bella Barnes we love you! After two weeks at home all is going well and it is trulu great to have our little one with us and finally a part of our family. Looking back the 14 weeks that we spent in hospitals feels like nothing, if you told me at the begining of my pregnancy that our family may have embarked on a journey such as this I would have told you that we couldn't have done it, but here we are at the end of it and we have and all is well. During my time on the ward here at the Mater whilst I was awaiting the birth of little Esther I would frequently visit Rogues Gallery and read all the stories that other mums who had had premature babies had written and they gave me hope, I hope my story gives you hope as well.

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esther bella barnes Tue, 14 Oct 2014 8:19pm

this was me when i was little i am 11 now strong and healthy


esther bella barnes Tue, 14 Oct 2014 8:21pm

if you have got any questions please feel free to ask :-)