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emma jade bell
12 Jul 2008
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Emma Jade Bell gestation - 25 weeks length - 33 cms weight - 582 gms

photo 1 Emma was born on the 10-2-95 she weighed only 582gms in this photo she is 2 days old and not much bigger than her dad's hand

photo 2

this is a nice photo of her in special care nursery 2. We actually got a photo of her with her eyes open.

photo 3

In this photo emma is 49 days old and in the special care nursery 2. Her mum is having a cuddle.

photo 4

In this photo Emma is 3 months old, but corrected age os a new born. After 3 months in hospital we are all glad she's home to stay.

photo 5

Emma is 19 mths old here in this photo. Showing that these boots are made for walking

photo 6This photo was taken on the 25-2-97. She is over 2 years old.

Dedicated to an Angel

A beautiful tiny little angel so sweet and so dear born to two wonderful parents who love her so dear she'll make them laugh, she'll make them cry but they'll love her with so much pride little angel so tiny and so sweet you fought so hard to be at this peak alreadt a star and heading to fame the little angel, Emma Bell is her name my poem to tiny Emma , with love Joan Kennedy 1995

This poem was written by Joan Kennedy, a friend of ours. Its dedicated to our little Emma Jade. Emma was born early because of high blood pressure and toxic eclampsia. We are so lucky to have our little Emma here with us, so healthy and alert.

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