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sharnee breen
12 Jul 2008
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Sharnee Breen born 16-12-92 weight 7lbs 7ozs gestation 37weeks

Sharnee is a happy, alert girl who has just celebrated her first birthday.

Sharnee was born with a high cervical cord/spinal injury and had a heart beat but was not breathing. She suffered this through a traumatic delivery.

Sharnee was born on the Gold coast and three hours after her birth was transferred to the Mater Hospital Intensive Care Unit, where she spent her first two months of life. Sharnee was ventilator dependent and lay still n a flat board, with no head and trunk control and limited limb movements for three weeks and in this time we could not cuddle or pick her up.

During Sharnee's two months stay at the Mater's Intensive Care Unit, she beat the odds and made remarkable progress. Her first Christmas and New Year were spent in hospital.

Thanks to the staff of the Mater, and their little extra care and concern our Christmas wasn't as bad as it could have been.

They made us feel a part of our daughter's life, her procedures and daily care. They are very special people who are dedicated to their work, they cared enough to lend support and understanding and making life a little easier.

Since Sharnee's discharge and over the last year we have had many ups and downs and hurdled many milestones but they say................... Never stop dreaming- At Christmas or at any other time of year - Because dreams do come true.

And ours did, we are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of thoses who have cared, lent support and helped us along the way

Words are never enough but THANKS!

Peter and Gaye Breen 22-12-93

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