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Mater-Newborn - system overview
27 Aug 2009

Welcome to the Mater Newborn PlaceStories system! I’m Michele Prentice and I’m a nursing sister at the Mater Mothers Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I’m managing the Mater-Newborn PlaceStories project and I’m going to take you on a quick tour. Mater-Newborn is a digital storytelling and communications system for families to create and share their stories. The project is an initiative of Feral Arts and was part of Art for Life a larger arts and health project between Mater Health Services and Positive Solution as part of the development of the new Mater Mothers Hospital. The idea was born when we had to move from the old Mater Mothers Hospital to this beautiful new building in 2008. For more than thirty years families have been making fantastic photo storyboards documenting remarkable stories of survival and achievements of their children – born sick or prematurely at the Mater. Any of the staff here will tell you how important they have been in helping new families who come to the unit for the first time. We have built up quite a collection and we needed a way to make these stories available in the new hospital, and to also help those families create and share their own stories.

Here is how it all works. All Neonatal Intensive Care Unit families are invited to join the Mater-newborn born project. You can visit the Mater-Newborn website to become a member and download the PlaceStories software. You just need a standard Windows PC. Stories are a mix of photos, text voice and music usually 2-3 minutes long – a bit like this one really! Once you have created a story you can burn it a CD if it’s just for your own family, or if you’d like to share it with the Mater and other families you can upload it. We have this beautiful touchscreen in the new hospital – its like a 21st century version of the old photostory boards. You can add your story straight into that collection to share it in the hospital with the staff of new families. You can also choose to make your story available to people visiting the mater-newborn website. If you have a short video that you would like to share you can upload it to youtube and send us the link and we can add it to the collection! The stories always remain your property so you can delete form the collection at any time. I’m on hand at the Neonatal Unit if you need help and the folk from Feral Arts are as close an email away. We are always working to improve the system so if you have ideas lets us know!

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