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Connor's behavioural cues: developmentally supportive care.
3 Sep 2009

#Connor is a preterm infant in a quiet alert state of consciousness. The people who care for him need to know the sometimes subtle but distinct signs or behavioural cues Connor can display which alert us to how he is coping with the caregiving activities in progress. #When Connor splays his fingers he may be indicating that he is not ready to interact and is a little stressed by the noise or light. #If we just give him some time and encourage him to cope with his environmental stressors, he will soon be ready again. #Mum can help by stopping any activity or touching. #(text slide) ...silence... #Connor may yawn from tiredness or fatigue just as we do but we can identify yawning, and this applies to more frequent yawning, as another behavioural cue. This is also a sign of not coping with the envronment or activity. #Taking time out will help Connor to soothe himself and regroup. #Bring his hands to the midline is a self-soothing activity #Later, Connor again displays the finger splaying. Mum knows to wait for a few seconds before continuing with his care. #At the finish of his care routine, Connor yawns and tries to comfort himself, with some help from his carer to bring his hands up to his mouth. #Finger splaying again so Connor is left untouched to recover again. #Eventually, He closes his eyes and relaxes. He falls into a light active sleep state. This is when brain maturation and development can occur so it is important to protect Connor's sleep now. His mum blows him a kiss and whispers " Sweet dreams, my little man". This is Developmentally supportive care in action.

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