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Carl Shoupe Speaks Out at I Love Mtns Day 2008
13 Feb 2009
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Appalshop February 06, 2009Carl Shoupe, from Benham in Harlan, KY, tells the 1000+ Kentuckians rallying for the Stream Saver Bill at I Love Mountains Day 2008 to let their elected representatives know they expect them to protect the land, water and people from destructive strip mining. People from all over Kentucky came to Frankfort to urge state legislators to pass HB 164: The Stream Saver Bill to end mountaintop removal mining and other devastating strip mining practices that are burying Appalachia's streams and hurting her people.I Love Mountains Day took place on Feb 14, 2008 and was organized by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) as a day of citizen lobbying and rallying support for the Stream Saver Bill. Video by Appalshop Community Media Initiative.

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