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ErinEarth:Beginnings:From There to Here
18 Oct 2008
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Hello there. I'd like to tell you about the development of a beautiful half hectare garden called ErinEarth. The garden lies directly behind Moint Erin in Wagga Wagga. The Presentation Sisters lived and worked in the convent but after many years the convent was closed. The area where the garden is now used to be a bitumen tennis court. Here are the nuns most suitably clad for a game in 1950. Between 2000 and 2006, land was acquired, the bitumen tennis courts torn up, a house built and a wonderful garden created. First a dam was excavated, then the wetlands area and water courses were dug. With the help of many organisations and voluteers a native garden was devloped. In time plants and trees grew, frogs, insects and birds moved into this new environment and finally a tranquil place that the whole community, with an emphasis on school children, could explore, experience, learn about sustainable living and throughly enjoy.

ErinEarth: Beginnings

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