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Mullibah Lagoon
10 Oct 2008
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Gunnedah Urban Landcare Group was formed in 1998. Its aims have been to improve and manage significant environmental issues in and around the town of Gunnedah. Major areas of work include: *Porcupine Reserve (weeds, track maintenance, revegetation, signage) *The Wallaby Trap ( cultural heritage, revegetation, walking track, signage) *Wondobah Reserve (salinity, revegetation, piezometer monitoring) *Green belt through Gunnedah (revegetation) *Namoi River frontage (bank stabilisation, revegetation, livestock control, vehicle access) *Blackjack watercourse (stream bed stabilisation) * Mullibah Lagoon (weeds, stock removal, stormwater quality, revegetation)

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