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Crossing Erosion Repair
24 Oct 2008

This erosion was caused by two "gulley rakers" occuring within a three week period in the summer of 2006. The crossing involved is the main access to the rest of the paddocks on the eastern side of the property. Until this was repaired, it was necessary to use a secondary,smaller, and far more vunerable crossing. To make access even more difficult, Kangaroo Creek/River (depending on the map you look at) floods on a regular basis. These events can occur any time of the year, but particularly during the summer months. This repair work was able to be carried out as part of a Bush Recovery Grant application won in 2008 due in large part to the help and support provided by Clarence Landcare Inc. and the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority. All repair work was carried out in the one day, 14th october, 2008. The only thing left to do is plant bank stabilising native indigenous shrubs and trees.

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