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Community skills, knowledge and engagement
20 Dec 2008
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Queensland’s regional NRM bodies are working with many community organisations, industry groups, Indigenous groups and government agencies to enhance community skills and knowledge and to engage them in effective partnerships to deliver landscape-scale change.

During the 2007 to 2008 financial year, Queensland’s regional bodies supported 2,284 awareness raising events with over 110,000 participants. These events informed and involved people in looking after their local environment and community.

About 2000 training events were held with over 26,000 participants across a range of areas like mapping and weed management. This training has equipped people across the state to make informed, sustainable decisions in natural resource management. Over 4000 community groups and projects were also assisted by regional bodies. Engaging the community across Queensland is boosting the capacity of the grass roots sector, who are largely volunteers and the backbone of NRM.

These stories show a sample of the extensive, collaborative efforts of regional NRM bodies and partners, which continue to strengthen our programs with communities across Queensland.

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