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Managing Natural Disasters in Queensland
30 Sep 2009
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Queensland's regional natural resource management groups have played an important role in recent years, supporting communities through a range of natural disasters, and leading communities through the environmental recovery process. Queensland’s regional natural resource management groups are crucial to the essential work of preparing our environment and our communities to better withstand future natural disasters.

Queensland has long had a reputation for weather extremes, with droughts, floods and cyclones regularly impacting our economy, our lifestyles and our environment. Rebuilding our towns, infrastructure and local industries has always been a part of life. However, as we come to understand some of the trends of our changing climate, we must now come to terms with increased extremes, and more frequent natural disasters. We must prepare our economy and lifestyles to withstand and adapt to these climate changes - but what of our environment?

These last three years, in particular, has seen regional natural resource management groups across Queensland step beyond regular and ongoing environmental rehabilitation and agricultural sustainability projects, taking up crucial roles in environmental clean-up and recovery after Cyclone Larry and the more recent flooding in the Gulf. For the first time, we are seeing widespread recognition of three important issues: 1. our natural landscape is an integral part of our State's economy; 2. our natural landscape is no longer resilient enough to withstand our State's natural disasters on its own; and 3. the environment needs to become a larger focus of natural disaster recovery efforts.

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