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Indigenous land and sea management in Queensland
23 Nov 2009
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Queensland’s Traditional Owners have had a long and proud history of managing the state’s diverse landscapes and ecosystems over tens of thousands of years, so their active involvement in the natural resource management sector comes as no surprise.

Queensland’s regional natural resource management groups engage with their Traditional Owners in many ways, and this report showcases some of the land and sea management programs being managed by our regional groups, in partnership with Indigenous people from Far North to Southern Queensland. Across the state, these Traditional Owners are involved in training and education programs, coastal rehabilitation, wildlife surveys, recording traditional knowledge, policy and planning, advocacy, conservation, and community development projects that result in stronger communities and ecologically sustainable landscapes.

At a state level, the Queensland Regional NRM Group’s Collective manages the Statewide Indigenous Network Coordination Project (SINC). SINC aims to support a network of Indigenous staff housed in regional natural resource management groups, and working on Indigenous engagement programs.

The Regional Groups Collective and its members are strongly committed to ensuring that our Traditional Owners have a powerful voice in natural resource management in the state. These stories give an overview of some of the work being undertaken by Traditional Owners working on Country across, and how those projects are being supported by regional groups, government and community partners.

To see full details of these projects you can download "Queensland's NRM Rumble: Indigenous Land and Sea Management in Queensland" at www.rgc.org.au.

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