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Overview of the UTLMP
12 May 2009
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The Upper Torrens Land Management Project (UTLMP) is based at the Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre, 132 Melrose Street, Mount Pleasant, South Australia.

The UTLMP is a community project supported by the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group Inc, AMLR NRM Board, The Barossa Council, Adelaide Hills Council, local industry and statutory authorities.

The UTLMP started in 1999 after a Pilot Project, called the Mount Pleasant Land Management Project, which commenced in October 1998, showed that the community could respond to environmental issues with an extension model promoted by a landcare community group.

The Steering Committee is a Committee of The Barossa Council and has a majority of community landholders and has representation from Local Government and the AMLR NRM Board.

The staff and Committee memebrs can be contacted at the office on 08 8568 1876 or through the website www.torrenslandcare.org.

Gerry Butler, Project Manager 12/05/2009

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