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Community Bat Monitoring Project
12 May 2009
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• The Mid Murray Local Action Planning Committee (Mid Murray LAP) has been part of the community bat monitoring program, Bats for Biodiversity, since 2003. • Bats for Biodiversity began as a community project known as Batwatch, which was the first of its kind in Australia, commencing in 2001 and was based in the Mt. Lofty Ranges. • The project involved community members borrowing an Anabat detector, electronic equipment, that records the echolocation of bats. • Landholders record the bat species on their properties, with the calls being analysed by trained staff at the LAP. • There are 16 species of bats within South Australia’s Murray Region and over the past 6 years Anabats have been borrowed from the Riverland to the Lakes, with most of these being recorded.

• As part of the Community Bat Monitoring project the LAP also holds bat trapping workshops. The workshops start with a presentation on bats and setting up harp traps. • A harp trap is made up of an aluminium frame which supports two banks of vertical strands of fishing line. The fishing line is difficult for the bats to detect and they hit the line a slip down into a cloth holding bag at the bottom. • The traps are checked for any caught bats and participants get to see real bats up close.

If you would like more information on the Bats of South Australia’s Murray Region or the community bat monitoring project, please contact the Mid Murray LAP

For more information contact: Mid Murray LAP Project Officer: Aimee Linke email: midlap@internode.on.net www.midmurraylap.org.au

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