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Educating rural landholders
13 May 2009

The Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, Land Management Program offer land managers a range of rural education and training. The topics vary and are conducted as a Course, Field day, Workshop or Seminar. One of our most successful workshops is the Cattle Management workshop which are held across the region every year. The workshop is designed so participants gain an understanding of good land management practices, including, soil management, weed control, pasture management and establishment and rotational grazing.

as well as, breed selection, stocking rates, land capability and property layout, fencing options, watering points, animal husbandry, drenching, vaccination and marketing.

The Land Management Program team promote sustainable livestock production, but graziers need to be aware that there are real limits to how many stock can be grazed and where; that land, soil and pasture monitoring are essential tools of good land management; and that property planning must play an increasingly important role in grazing enterprises.

Help and assistance is avaliable, including property advice, please call one of the Board’s offices, Gawler, Lobethal, Mt Barker or Willunga.

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