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Proposed Realities
23 May 2009
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The Cuttlefish Coast Coalition is, in its Inaugural Year and adopted the name to align itself with the Council’s naming of the Cuttlefish Coast, north of Whyalla, South Australia!

The aims of the Cuttlefish Coast Coalition; CCC, is to lobby government, mining companies and BHP Billiton to suggest alternate options for a deep-sea port/desalination plant and give reasons for alternative sites.

The State government, together with HP-B want to place the largest Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination plant in the Southern Hemisphere, onto the Point Lowly Peninsula. Located at the top end of an Inverse Estuary, the Point Lowly area is one of ONLY two places in the world that experiences Dodge Tides - a few days, twice a month where the Tidal Current comes to a virtual standstill.

This area is renowned for being the ONLY place in the world where the subspecies cephalopod, Sepia apama – Giant Australian Cuttlefish, aggregate in their hundreds of thousands to spawn.

Having a very short lifespan of just 12 – 18months, the next generation is very dependant upon this spawning, for its survival.

With the desalination plant and industrialisation of the deep-sea port the cuttlefish face a high likelihood off the face of the earth, all it takes is but ONE fatal error! Its easier to correct the mistake now, than TRY to fix the catastrophe afterwards!

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