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Removing Aleppo Pines on Lower Eyre Peninsula
3 Sep 2009
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by Hippy Wanganeen

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Greg Curnow Thu, 3 Sep 2009 5:35am

Hi Leonie & Hippy Congratulations and excellent effort on the Aleppo Pines story on Lower EP!

The info, photos, music and speech fit well together, to make a thoroughly informative and spellbinding story.

Keep up the good work - lets hope there is a lot more of these stories coming out of the south of EP.

Cheers Greg Curnow Home of Sepia apama - Giant Australian Cuttlefish Point Lowly & Whyalla, SA

Kevin Guy Thu, 19 Nov 2009 7:21pm

Congratulations to everyone involved in this eradication project. You have done a fantastic job. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories in the future that update us on this project.