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Summerhill Farm - Steve and Isobel Corbally
16 Sep 2009
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The 23 hectare property of Steve and Isobel Corbally, "Summerhill Farm", is situated near Birdwood in the headwaters of the Torrens Catchment. Rainfall is approximately 660mm per year and the land use is sheep grazing.

Steve and Isobel have made significant improvements to the property since its purchase in 2004 and this modest rural property is a delight to visit. They have been participants in the UTLMP since 2005 and have received considerable technical and financial support to assist them in their rehabilitation of the property.

The pastures have been improved, windbreaks have been established, new fences have been constructed to enable rotational grazing, and all paddocks are reticulated to troughs, from a tank, using bore water.

A significant saline scald in the middle of the property adjacent to the watercourse is being managed as a different land class to reduce the potential damage to this fragile landscape.

Steve and Isobel monitor the water quality of their bore, well and dam on a monthly basis and these water samples are analysed by the Saltwatch project team.

Steve has been a key member of the UTLMP Steering Committee and has been Chairman for over 2 years. His style has been encouraging and engaging which has lead to the UTLMP being recognised for its achievements in the biennial State Landcare Awards.

Steve and Isobel can be contacted on 08 8568 2500 or the UTLMP Project Manager, Gerry Butler, on 08 8568 1876 or 0407 972 149

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