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URTLG working with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the upper Torrens Catchment
23 Sep 2009
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Our thanks go to PwC for continuing their support of Landcare in the Upper Torrens. The URTLG has put in a substantial effort preparing for the events which started in 2003 and other working bees and is pleased to continually receive such positive responses from staff.

Our Demonstration Sites also have works planned and Participants in the Upper Torrens Land Management Project will this year plant many thousands of seedlings as we band together to gradually improve the local landscape.

The planting days have provided an opportunity for PwC staff to contribute to a charitable cause during one of their regular working days and they achieved in the space of a day what might have taken a small group a week of Saturdays to do. We hope that PwC staff have gained a greater understanding of our cause and will be inspired to continue their relationship with the URTLG, extending their learning experience as they engage in practical activities that make a positive difference to our environment.

Contact: URTLG President, Stephen Anderson 0438 266 377 or Gerry Butler Project Manager UTLMP 0407 972 149 or gbutler@barossa.sa.gov.au

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