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Collinsville & Scottville Meals on Wheels
17 Sep 2009
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Hi my name is Norrien Hinds and I have been part of the Collinsville & Scottville Meals on Wheels association for over 30 years and this is a short history of our local branch.

 In late 1977 our local Lioness Club called a public meeting to try to establish a Meals on Wheels service in Collinsville.

 Some money was put aside by both the Lions & Lioness’ Clubs to help get us started.

A steering committee was then formed and the relevant enquiries were made.

 In February 1978 a public meeting was called and a official committee was formed. Mrs Dorothy Sverdloff was elected President, Mr Lindsey Sheppard as Treasurer and myself as Secretary. Mrs Maureen Ben and Mrs Smith were both elected as Conveners.

 The Bowen Meals organisation was then asked to assist us in the necessary procedures needed and off we went.

 The local Buffalo club members offered the use of their side veranda, which we turned into our meals on wheels kitchen.  Mr Van Wyke, the local baker, gave us two long benches (which were huge) and we used them as our kitchen worktables.

Two gas stoves and a set of laundry tubs for our sinks were purchased and installed. We also purchased a pantry cupboard, fridge and freezer and that completed our kitchen.

 We were all anxious to get going and delivered our first meal on Wednesday May 3rd 1978.

 Mr Lindsey Sheppard left town before end of first year and I took over his role and became the Secretary / Treasurer until next general meeting.  

At that meeting in early 1979 Dulcie Bulloch was elected as Secretary and I retained my position as treasurer, a position that I held for the next 24 years.

 In 1988 we moved to the kitchen at the local Entertainment Centre and we were there until we moved to the multi-purpose Hillside Haven Aged Care facility in 1992.

 In 2002 we approached the Hillside Haven management in regards to buying the meals directly from them and deliver them to our clients with our remaining volunteers.

 In September 2003 I took over as President and a position I still currently hold. I am supported by Mrs Denise Hall as Vice president, Mrs Annette Taylor as Secretary and Ms Liz Stock as Treasurer. Our other committee members include Mrs June Hathaway, Mrs Dawn Walsh and Mrs Val Hiron.

 We delivered our 100,000 meal to Mrs Nancy Tudehope, just after our 25th anniversary.

 The meals initially cost the clients $1.00 each but as you would expect the cost of the meals has increased over the last 31 years and meals now cost the clients $6.50.

 In December 2008 we were successful in obtaining a grant from Sonoma Coal, one of the local Coal Mining companies, this funding provides for a kitchen assistant and Mrs Donna Cole started work in March 2009.

 We hope that this service continues well into the future but realise that this will only happen with the help of local volunteers, as in all small communities.


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