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Collinsville Coalface Museum
17 Sep 2009
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Hi my name is Len Jones, I am a retired coal miner and I am proud to be part of the Collinsville Coalface Experience as it is an extraordinary story of strife, struggle, survival & mateship...             

The Coalface experience captures the tears and the smiles and showcases the stories of the men and women who lived through the early years of coal mining in Collinsville.

The rhythm of their day to day life and their reactions to Collinsville’s saddest day is told through the voices of local people who were part of that experience.

 The Coalface Experience combines the latest technology in museum displays with an eerie sense of life underground as the story of mining life and technique is explained in incredible detail.

 The Collinsville Coalface Experience was opened in October 2004, on the 50th anniversary of the Collinsville Mine disaster. The Coalface Experience serves as a reminder, not only of those who died in the 1954 disaster, but also of all those who have committed their lives to mining.

 Stage 2 of the Experience features the evolution of safety through the ages, from the humble canary, to the safety light, to the electronic gas monitoring devices now employed.

Each significant improvement to mine safety was written in the blood of the fallen miner and most improvements have come as a direct result of a major tragedy within the industry. The Coalface Experience begins with a video introducing the audience to the life of a coal miner and their families and features interviews with locals and highlights the union spirit so strongly felt in small coal mining towns like Collinsville.

 As you move through the exhibits you will gain a personal understanding of the hardships and rewards found in the coal mining industry.

 The final display of the Coalface Experience, a film called Three Bells, which re-enacts the 1954 mine disaster, bringing to life the men who lost their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and I do hope you get the opportunity to see our Coalface Experience for yourself.


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