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Narira Creek Regeneration, Revegetation & Rehabilitation Project
11 Dec 2008
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NariraCreek Regeneration, Revegatation & Rehailitation Project

The project is a section of land that runs along the northern bank of the Narira Creek, Cobargo. The area has been successful in applying for grants to deal with the degradation of the creek bank. The initial grant was a National Heritage Trust project No. SE3722.01 (Narira Creek Rehabilitation and Revegetation 2001/2002). The objectives of the NHT project still remain – rehabilitation and revegetation of the degraded and weed infested waterway. (see Appendix 1 extracts from NHT grant document). The second grant was funded under the Envirofund Drought Recovery Round 2003 and was to deal with the issue of the effect of the drought on the NHT Project by replanting and replacing previous plants and to protect and maintain the site. The issue of the drought has also affected this second project as well. This third project is to build on the work done within the previous two projects and to set up a maintenance/ management plan that will be on going and achievable. Also to create enthusiasm in the community for the project and use it as an education tool in dealing with revegetation and river management issues that are able to be transferable to other sites. “Native vegetation is certainly recommended for riparian buffer strips, rather than introduced species which may subsequently become a pest plant. Such as the willows”(Geomorphic Characteristics of Cobargo Catchment, June 1995 pg53).

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