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Ando Bibbenluke Creewah Landcare Group
28 Jul 2009

Ando Bibbenluke Creewah Landcare group members have been involved with the National Landcare Program since 2004 undertaking holistic revegetation and soil health projects. Due to the severe dry conditions over the past 3 years coupled with group burnout, project works came to a standstill in 2006. The project was due for completion in 2008. Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee (SRILC) offered to take on project management including management of the remaining funds on behalf of both the Ando Bibbenluke Creewah Landcare group and the Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority.

These remaining funds totalled $114 015.00. A steering committee was formed, membership comprised 3 Ando Bibbenluke Creewah Landcare members, the coordinator for the Snowy River Interstate Landcare Committee and a representative from Southern Rivers Catchment management Authority to support the coordinator in delivering the project.

An Expressions of Interest process was commenced with emphasis on the tight timeframes. Nine project agreements were entered into to undertake a range of Natural Resource Management works including:

- Riparian erosion works and stock management fencing, - Wind erosion works - Stock shelter belts - soil/pasture health works - Stock exclusion fencing for remnant vegetation and - Revegetation works

Close contact was maintained by phone and correspondence with the nine fund recipients to ensure project delivery would be delivered successfully and on time.

By the end of May 2009, all landowners had completed 90% of their projects - tree planting was held off for as long as possible to compensate for the dry season.

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