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From Lovegrass to Forest: BRAWL and the Bega River Junction
17 Dec 2009

The Bega River and Wetlands Landcare Group works along the Bega River and around a number of Bega's urban wetlands. Our first project was rehabilitation of a Lovegrass paddock next to the Junction of the Bega and Brogo Rivers. Our aim was to contol this noxious weed without chemicals. We started by rotary hoeing the Lovegrass into the soil. We then laid recycled black polymat over part of the site to suppress seed germination. A CVA team came to help us trench the weedmat in and secure it with steel pins. We also fenced off the site from neighbouring dairy cows. One misty morning we started planting. Local seed was used to grow our Bega Dry Grass Forest plants. After some demonstrations we slit the weedmat, made holes with with Hamilton tools and added water crystals to the sandy soil before planting in our tubestock. On the last 1/3 of the site we spread sterile rye corn as a trial to create a groundcover to suppress weeds. We then mulched each boundary to create a buffer and planted windbreaks to protect the site from prevailing nor-westerly winds. Sadly it didn't rain and the crows ate the ryecorn, the weeds came up and the trees grew slowly. On the weedmat section, 98% of our trees survived and grew quickly. We have a Redgum forest next to our River now!

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toni hall Sat, 19 Dec 2009 5:31am

Hi Ali , toni let me use his login to have a look at all the new placestries. Fab stuff Pip