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Green Energy
26 Nov 2008
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Green Energy

This might not look like it, but it is actually a good news story.

It is set in the Lane Cove National Park, on Sydney’s north shore.

Even though it is small only 675 hectares, it is important providing connectivity along the Lane Cove River. However it has a very complex boundary, more than 25 kilometers of it.

This brings with it a number of problems, these include increased run off, siltation and invasive weeds.

Occasionally there can be major problems as with this Energy Australia access track, this occurred in an area with historic significance, Fairyland.

Because of this the Friends of Lane Cove National Park lobbied strongly for compensation to fund a bush regeneration program in the area.

Almost eighteen months after the initial clearing work regeneration work started on the site.

Now 12 months later improvement has been outstanding, there has been a large amount of regeneration including and it the site is a demonstration of how these tracks can be managed.

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