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Brewarina to Bourke Aquatic Rehabilitation
4 Dec 2008

The Barwon-Darling River is the life blood of the Western Catchment. The river supports the livelihood of rural communities, holds traditional value to the indigenous community and is home to many native plants and animals.

In the early days of settlement, the river boat trade was an important part of the river. As a result the river was largely modified to ensure the easy movement of boats up and down the river. Large quantities of snags were removed from the river, weirs were developed and trees where cleared from the river bank.

• The WCMA is now working to rehabilitate a reach of river between Brewarrina and Bourke. • With the help of DPI and local landholders we are placing snags back into the river to ensure a safe home for our native fish populations. • Children from local schools are helping the CMA plant native trees which will provide shading for fish populations. • DPI is investigating options for improving fish migration by modifying the Brewarrina Weir. • Weed infestations of tiger pear are being controlled so as not to comete with native vegetation. • Gullies that has previously been treated as waste dumps are being cleaned up. • To ensure we can monitor the success of our project fish are being tagged so that we can review improvement in our fish numbers.

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