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Russell Heads
5 Aug 2008
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My family has been coming to Russell Heads for five generations. It was not uncommon for the family to pack up and come to the heads for weeks at a time. It is a unique area in far north queensland that is only accessible by boat down the Russell and Mulgrave Rivers.

Russell Heads is where I learnt to play canasta with the old ladies, where I learnt to fish, where I learnt to be aware of crocodiles and where I learnt to relax and enjoy life. For me, it is still the same today.

Russell Heads plays a large part in my family history and along the way we have come to know this place well. We have watched the heads change and move - to build up and wash away. We have seen bush grow where it was once clear. We have seen the ocean waters lap the shack's front stairs and then in time to retreat thirty meters. We have seen the expansion of the mangrove forest - narrowing the width and depth of the annabranch of the river. We experience constant change in the landscape.

The latest Queensland Government report on Climate Change in Queensland predicts a number of issues that will impact on Russell Heads. The forecast is that by 2030 this region can expect the number of cyclones to decrease however, they may be more intense. We can expect an increase in storm surge risk, greater coastal inundation, damage to coral reefs and a loss of biodiversity.

The enivronment has changed dramatically since my grandmother and her mother first came to Russell Heads and while change is a constant my hope is that Russell Heads will be here for my daughter and her family in years to come.

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