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March Highlights and Challenges
2 Apr 2013

Highlights include the realisation of increased capacity of the community, creating new social functions, fund raising, volunteering as well as marketing and advertising.  Becoming more apparent is the appeal of the main street as a focal point for many of the community organisations.  Last week, the school held their Easter Parade with many of the retailers in the street presenting the children with Easter Eggs, Baked Goodies and sample bags - about 100 people lined the street, under awnings waiting for the children and their teachers to march the length of the main street.

Works have commenced on the Alpha Commemorative Gardens, with soils delivered and site preparations almost finished.  Waiting on the supply and installation of automatic watering system, before planting and beautification can commence.  BRC have donated two sheltered picnic sheds, linking this site with the Steet Scape.

Challenges - So much to do, so little time.  Deomonstration Project - Fordham Park continues to forge ahead, and with this so do the demands on time  - writing, creating advertising, developing a marketing strategy  presents an opportunity to impart some skills - but takes time.....


Barcaldine Regional Council Rural or Remote Whole of Community
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