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Diagnosed Artist
8 Apr 2010
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Diagnosed Artist is a research project. Diagnosis is derived from Greek dia- "apart-split", and gnosi "to learn, knowledge". Thus the basic translation of the meaning of diagnosed artist is to split apart knowledge of the artist. Which we set out to do; to delve into the understanding of what it means to be an artist with a diagnosis of mental illness. The prime course of action was an exhibition project profiling 8 contemporary Queensland Artists.

The exhibition "Artist Citizen" situated 8 artists as citizens among citizens, artists among artists seeking to reject stereotypes of the genius artist, the eccentric or mad artist.”

Community Health Society artist arts community community cultural development cultural diversity mental illness outsider art participation action research personal stories social inclusion visual art
Comments (1)
Neal price Fri, 9 Apr 2010 4:14am

Diagnosed Artist is a touchstone for Artists and Artsworkers interested in creating and supporting artists living with mental health issues.

I enjoyed the exhibition a great deal. It was wonderful to see Artists talking about their work in such a supportive environment.