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Cooking with Converstaions Seesions 3 & 4
19 Mar 2013
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Session 3 on Tuesday 19th March 2013 at SkillCentred Premises, Gympie

Five volunteers and seven participants.  Some of Youth Connexions people did not really join in so need to lay down some guidelines for future sessions – no phones, washing up etc.

Tim Hartley was the facilitator for making Pizzas.  Made dough from scratch which they all found interesting particularly when they saw it rising and bursting out of the gladwrap!  Used a variety of different toppings which they were not used to.  Also made pita bread pizzas to show how you can make different sorts of pizzas.  All got eaten enthusiastically!



Session 4 on Tuesday 26th March 2013

Five volunteers and seven participants.Kath O’Donnell was the facilitator in the making of Scones. Everyone joined in making batches of Lemonade, basic and gluten free scones.

We had plenty of time to cook and eat and were able to take home plenty of scones as well.  Scones worked out at about 40 cents each (including cream jam and butter).  We all learnt some new cooking tips.  Could have included some savoury or pumpkin scones but it all worked well and everyone joined in together. 

Everyone joined in and conversed well together. Very friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Approval has been given for the continued use of the SkillCentred Premises,, which is great news.  New participants will be invited to be involved after Easter including, the Multicultural group (MINS) and different cuisines and interests e.g. gluten free, vegetarian etc.  Also the possibility of starting a group out at Widgee.

Report prepared by,  Wendy Jakeman

Gympie Regional Council Project Partner CALD Disability Rural or Remote Seniors Young People
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