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Hinchinbrook Pro-Social Grants Funding Program
10 Apr 2013
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The Pro-Social Grants Program was designed to assist the Hinchinbrook community in supporting connectedness, build their resilience and increase future disaster preparedness.

The program is administered in partnership with the Hinchinbrook Shire Council and key community organisations who have allocated micro-grants to eligible recipients for the delivery of projects for; seniors, youth, families, community services and volunteers, healthy lifestyles and disaster preparedness.

The funding round has now closed and the Hinchinbrook Shire Council and selection committee from the six key community organisations have considered all applications and selected 21 priority projects. These selected priority projects totaling $132,000 GST inclusive will be delivered within the Hinchinbrook community over the coming months.

The roll out has been a great success with Council receiving 37 excellent quality applications. 

Not all applications could be funded under the Pro-Social Funding Program, however applications that were not successful in this round will be referred to other funding opportunities and our CDO’s will work closely with the applicants to accomplish this.

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