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Highlights and Challenges April 2013
30 Apr 2013
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The Highlight for this month was obviously being awarded the Gympie Women in Business Judges Award for ‘Outstanding Commitment and Service to the Community and Innovation in an organisation’. Being recognised that your work is valued by the people you are working with, is the highest honour and most humbling indeed. Thanks so much Gympie! 


The challenge this month is to focus a concerted effort on managing myself out of the role, while leaving the strong an connected program legacy behind. 


The amazing thing about community development work is that it less about what you do, than how you do it.  Having put the most of the real essence of me into this role than I have in a very long time, there is a lot of my own personal passion and energy that will be left in the program when I’m gone.


The challenge for the Council beyond the 30th June will not be how to continue the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program, as my comprehensive transition planning take care of that. It will be how to continue the program that is now well and truly owned by the community to continue in the way that the Gympie community have come to expect it to be.  Devolving the program fully into the Resilient Leaders Network is the challenge for the next eight weeks, which kin of makes me sad and like sending your child off to boarding school when you have never spent a day apart before. You don’t want to, but know you just have too!

Gympie Regional Council Project Leader
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Cheryl Matthews Sat, 4 May 2013 7:41pm

Go Girl -  CONGRATS on your recognition................well done and well deserved.