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Tlaa Ologhe - Ruby, Alaska
16 Apr 2010
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Hi Everyone,

I'm originally from Ruby, Alaska a Koyukon Athabascan village of 180 people along the central Yukon River between the village of Tanana and small town of Galena. (Think Fairbanks and go 250 air miles west) In Koyukon we refer to it as Tlaa Ologhe, or "the place next the big stone bluff." Although I call it home, my family has never lived there year round during my lifetime.  When my sister who is two years older than I was a baby, my family moved to Anchorage to have better access to healthcare because she was chronically ill, for better schooling for my other two sisters, and to pursue more secure and higher wage jobs for my parents.  Since then we've lived all over the state in Anchorage, Juneau, Nome, Barrow, and on my own I've spent a lot of time in Fairbanks, Galena and currently Juneau.I call Ruby area home not only because that's where many of my family members rest, but also because that's where a lot of my formative years were spend running around with cousins, making mud pizzas, slapping mosquitos, sledding, fishing.  Our cabin which we only use maybe two or three months out of the year is still not connected to water or sewer, so when we're there we haul drinking water, use an outhouse, all that fun stuff.  For water we use a sled or cart to haul water from the washeteria (water treatment facility/shower house/laundromat), or bum a ride on somebody's truck or four-wheeler.  To heat our little cabin we use a wood stove and oil stove in combination.   So that's a little bit about Ruby.  I love it, it's where I'm from, and it's where I hope to someday have my own home.  : ]

Dewey KK'otheyo Hoffman

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