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People of the future
18 May 2013
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I don’t know how long I am frozen. I have lost the sense of time. The last thing I can remember is a sudden and violent snowstorm and everything swinging in the air like feather. People were unable to avoid the tragedy that was coming. This moment I feel stuck like petrified and I feel I can’t move at all. I can’t control my body.  I am a prisoner in my own body surrounded by something stronger than me, that I can’t penetrate. I talk to you all, who maybe sometime read this letter: Stop abusing the natural environment, stop taking advantage of it and enjoy the gifts it offers you, without exaggerations! The power of nature and water can offer you benefits in many different cases, but can at the same time turn against you and totally destroy you, so you have to oppose to it first.

                                      For your own good





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