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18 May 2013
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I don’t know who reads this letter, this moment, or if someone reads it! Recently, some strange things have happened to me. The most important is that we are frozen under the water. I am frozen and still and as a result, I can’t do the moves I could do. However, inside me this wall does not exist. I can think and see normally. I can watch all the time fishes passing by, and I think all the time, because it is the only thing I can do. However, what I want is to unfreeze and walk again. I hope the person who reads this, this moment, will search for our city, Ardus Unda. We are under the sea. Beware, the same can happen to you, you can get frozen. Do what you want now, what you are able to,  because you don’t know what will happen to you tomorrow. Search for me! Of course, if you read this letter and you don’t wish to help me, please put the letter again in the  bottle, it’s my only hope! Hope to talk to you in person.

A citizen

of Ardus Unda

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