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Cochise County, Arizona
20 Apr 2010
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This is a photo of a group I helped put together to pick up trash in part of the Coronado National Forest.  A lot of international travelers pass through this area and you can tell.  We found bookbags, blankets, plastic bottles, wrappers, baseball caps, shoes, socks, belts, jackets, you name it.

Litter is one of the less serious consequences of living in a border community, though.  The day after our clean-up, a human body was discovered in the area. 

I wish all the problems of my community could be solved with a bit of honest work and some trash bags, but this is not the case.  Cochise County is a diverse place, we have mountaintop mansion and run down trailers, poets, painters, drug smugglers, ranchers, missle engineers, McDonalds and honky tonk bars, Walmart and farmer's markets, musicians, coyetes, retired military officers, undocumented workers, and armed citizens who feel it is their duty to protect the border.  There is a lot to love, but also a lot that worries me.

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