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The Water Reckoning
30 May 2013
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There'll be a performance by Sunshine Beach young people as part of the 'Balance-Unbalance' program on Friday. 

The Water Reckoning project explores how humans co-operate to share and manage water and deal with hardship brought on by climate change and extreme weather events. It draws on local and international experiences of water crisis and co-operation responding to the UN Year of Water Co-operation.  The Water Reckoning performance draws on work being created through an international Rolling Role Drama Project.  

This project involves five groups of youne people from the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Singapore, Greece and Seattle, creating content using a variety of digital technologies and web based applications (including PlaceStories).  They have been responding to a common pre-text which in this case is some of Jason deCaires Taylor’s imagery of his underwater sculpture park.  The result is the imagining of a fictional culture whose lives are threatened as a result of environmental crisis and human folly.  For further information about the The Water Reckoning Rolling Role Drama Project visit our website the the PlaceStories project 'Ardus Unda Water Museum'

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