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Colonia South Chapa, TX
22 Apr 2010

Every morning I wake up to the sound of geese, roosters, goats, and dogs, but that is life in the valley.

There about 2,300 colonias ( meaning neighborhoods or communities) in the RGV, if not more. Most colonias lack the basic living necessities, such as water, electricity, a drainage system, and paved roads. Due to this, most colonia residents live with insecurities and the safety of their area. Without light, there is more danger of getting robbed. If there is no drainage system, it increases the chances of the colonia getting flooded.

But what makes the colonias unique are the colonia residents. Even with the living circumstances, they continue pushing through and what reflects that is the hardwork that is implemented each day to their 1/2 acre of land and one-story home or trailer. Having to start from nothing to something creates a sense of ownership, even if it is having a farm land in the backyard, it is something.

So each day when I wake up and see the geese running around chasing my neighbor, it makes me appericiate what we have, the very small things or in this case the animals. Without the geese in my backyard, there would be no security in our colonia.

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