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May's Highlights & Challenges
25 May 2013


Managing to make time to spend with the groups I have worked with over the last year, talking about the exit process, seeing some projects come to a successful conclusion, and  having the confidence that many of the groups through the CDEI project have been enabled to strengthen their capacity, capability,  knowledge, and enhanced local networks, to continue to work not only in the flood recovery space but in the general community development environment. 


Administration tasks of monitoring/supporting/and finalising projects - getting the final reports and acquittals in on time.      

Advocacy Arts & Cultural Programs Community Capacity Building Community Consultation Activities Community Education Activities Community Events Community Mapping and Plan Coordination Disaster Preparedness Information and Advice Information and Referral Learning and Development Legacy and Exit Strategy Memorial activities Network Development Activities Partnership Development Activities Brisbane City Council Churches Community Members Local Community Service Workers Local Elected Members Primary Schools Voluntary Community Groups CDEI Brokerage Funds DLGP Flexible Funds Project Partner CALD Children Community Development Officers Disability Families Indigenous LGBT Men Seniors Whole of Community Women Young People
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