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Transitioning and Saying Goodbye - Quarterly Report and Highlight
14 Jun 2013

The Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program, which was innovated, developed and delivered as a result of CDEI Practice excellence, now underpins Gympie DM Plan. From the Resilience Tool Kit at the household level, all the way through to the Resilient Leaders Network and Community Coordination Groups, the seamless alignment of Community practice and Disaster Management planning and operations has now been achieved in Gympie. This is the sound legacy that will be left behind by Gympie's CDEI Program.    


Strong community relationships, innovation and the passion to make a difference was evident in the Gympie Region before CDEI and Michelle Rowe, however the serendipity in being able to expand such robust community led resilience program will continue to be realised well into the future.


For those that may have mocked the idea that social media has a valid role to play in meaningfully supporting community during times of extreme weather, I would strongly encourage you to visit our Facbook page to see how much it continues to be valued and what can be achieved when done right (Gympie's Resilient Leaders Network).


For those that wish to copy anything we've done, please do so and let Council know how it’s worked for you.   In anticipation that more Council's will want to adapt the Toolkit, we have set up a web page that may be used to include all partner Council's on the same external page. Te web address is http://www.resiliencetoolkitapp.com/ Please contact Community Services on 5481 0760 for more information on this.


The iPhone and Android Apps are not far from being approved and we are hoping to be able to launch the App at out final Resilience Leaders get together on 27th June. So fingers crossed it’s approved by then.


on the 27th June, the Resilient Leaders will come together to do a final mapping activity, provide feedback and direction about where they want to take the program into the future and close the day with an evening celebration and cocktail party.  


There are still a few things here to be finished up. Budgets, reporting FFP projects, as well as finalising the Recovery Plan. So, I still have my hands pretty busy right now and until the very end. The CEO has invited me to stay on for two months to help out with some Mary Street projects, so that will be new and exciting challenge too. I will be available at the end of August if needed anywhere else and am open to all offers.


I am delighted to advise that I have been invited to be a presenter at the next VQ Innovate Symposium 3 and it's an absolute honour to have my work and approach to it recognised as best practice community development. As this is my first hands on CD role, who knew something so challenging could be so much fun? Thus, as I can’t wait to infect unsuspecting conference attendees with my passion and craziness, of course I humbly accepted the invitation – albeit it not until November 2013


From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank all those people that made this program possible. My fellow CDO’s your hearts are the size of Mars (I think that’s pretty big). Thank you for your friendship, inspiration, feedback and kinship in this sometimes difficult area of work. Your passion and dedication for what you do is nothing short of awe inspiring and it’s been an honour to be viewed in the same professional arena as you. No matter what you do and where the next part of the journey takes you, I know you’ll be amazing. Love your work!


To Katie and everyone at LGAQ – you did it. Created the dream and then had us all realise it together. You’ve done an amazing job herding all of us crazy but cool cats – you deserve a medal too!    I do hope the State and Federal Government Departments’ appreciate the tremendous role you have managed to pull off here! Amazing Stuff Congratulations!


To the amazing people of Gympie and fellow Council staff. Thank you for placing your trust and faith in me.  Look what we did – Together?  Thanks for making me fall in love with the town and all its quirks and flood prone nuances, for your stoicism, vulnerability and teaching me the meaning of resilience – I thank you!. You won’t get time to miss me, cause ill still be around – you are stuck with me now!


At the first CDEI Forum, I asked the question ‘Come July 2013, what will success look like?’  Now in June 2013, I can answer my own question – “Folks we are looking at it”. Well done and thank you all for this crazy ride!


Legacy and Exit Strategy Gympie Regional Council Project Leader
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