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June Highlights and Challenges
15 Jun 2013

Highlights:  Continued support for the Jockey Club - well over 1,000 guests predicted for this day.  Official opening, on behlaf of the minister by local MP Vaughan Johnson.  We have several 'firsts' First time in CWQ that Corporate VIP Tents have been used at a race meeting;  First time a defunct Jockey Club and Track has been re-formed; and it is the largest amount of prize money distributed at a local race meeting. 

Building works are all now complete, with just the final touches to come.  The Friday night fund raising has continued to gain momentum, with standing room only at the Golf Club.  These strategies not only contributes to the sustainability of the Jockey Club and Golf Club, but also provides a vital social event to increase participation, build resiliency and social cohesion in a community that a few months ago was at best apathetic.  Volunteering numbers continue to rise, with new volunteers coming on board to help out at events and taking roles in clubs and organisations. 

Challenges: Maintaining focus amid heightened expectations as the race day grows nearer.  A lot of media interest, and already new sponsors on board for next year.  Handing over the baton to staff to carry on the work where projects have an enduring value.

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