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15 Jun 2013
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Community groups who took part in the Volunteer Incentive Strategy have been busy with Thankyou BBQ's and have been proactive in seeking assistance to devise training for new volunteers across a range of Community, Cultural and Sporting disciplines.  Their strategies show that the clubs are proactive and inclusive and their volunteer numbers reflect that attitude.  There is more collaboration, with other organisations performing catering, security, bar, and other operations to ensure that every event is well catered.  Recent Show figures indicate that approximately $9,000 was 'paid' to other organisations to perform these duties.  A fantastic outcome for the town.  The BBQ's act as a 'Thank you' but also perform an important social function - bringing these elements of the community together.  Volunteering has increased generally with around 20 more people actively volunteering than in 2011.  This doesn't include the increased number of volunteers at SES and the Fire Brigade, who have seen (respectively) 17 and 9 new members.


Barcaldine Regional Council Project Leader
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