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Ardus Unda Ancestors
19 Jun 2013
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Ardus Unda Ancestors

What did the frozen, the children and those who were lost at Ardus Unda want the rest of the world to know? What advice might they give?

The lost people of Ardus Unda wanted the world to know what happened to them and why. They gave lots of advice, for example 'don't trust the government', 'be careful', 'look after the planet' and 'cherish what you have, because we have lost everything'.

How did they wish to be remembered?

The frozen people wished to be remembered for their bravery, as they died and watched their loved ones die.

What did they want people of the future and those who might find them to know?

The people of Ardus Unda wanted the people of the future to know that they had died due to the water, and their home, Ardus Unda was going under due to rising sea levels and climate change.

Did they want to be bought back to life again if it were possible?

No, they did not want to be bought back to life due to many complications. Many of their loved ones (children, nieces and nephews) were dead, the world had changed and advanced so much, their home was gone and for many of them their ancestors would be older than them.

By Sophie Dowling, QLD

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Sue Davis Thu, 20 Jun 2013 3:07am

Thank you for documenting and sharing this as a descendent of those who lived in Ardus Unda!