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Kitchen, Covered area and Evac Centre in background
20 Jun 2013
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View of the proximity of the kitchen, fenced area and toilets/shower block in the background.  This will house M and F toilets and facilities to house a Washing Machine and Drier.  The addition of Solar Panels (and batteries) will mean that this facility can be off-grid during extended blackouts, providing hot meals, showers and basic washing/drying during an emergency.  The fenced grassed areas will provide some peace of mind for parents of young children.  The transfer of caravans etc to this facility will provide a welcome alternative to sleeping in a caravan on the side of the streets, and stepping out onto a street in your pajamas.  This venue will not only provide basic support, but also bring some dignity to the evacuees and security for families with young children.  The communal areas are all covered and close to facilities.


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