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Yeronga Community Mapping & Connection
19 Jun 2013
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A report has been completed telling the stories of residents from Yeronga, Fairfield, & Rocklea. An appreciation luncheon was held to thank participants. "Still treading water" tells the stories of 30 locals from Yeerongpilly, Rocklea, and Fairfield. 

Two years on from the 2011 Flood Event people are still impacted in various ways. The interviews were carried out by Fiona McLeod, Community Development Worker at Yeronga Community Centre who was known to all particpants.

The report covers an overview of residents, households, time in flooded suburb, insured or not, home repaired/raised/demolished/relocated or buy back from Brisbane City Council.

There is also a table outlining services accessed, circumstances, prepredness, implications. At the end is a list of reccomendations from particpants.

The group has requested this report not be made public but is available at Yeronga Community Centre. 

It is hoped this report will enable opportunities to continue to share and learn from the experiences, aid in where resourcing the community should be focused, strengthen and revitailise the community.

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