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26 Jun 2013

The work of the CDEI Community Development Officer at Alpha and Jericho has had far reaching effects.  These effects extend into the future with some of those projects being run again, without CDEI support. The capacity of these communities has increased, and their skills developed through events, projects and activities resulted in the following:

Chicks, Hens and Boilers is on again in July 2013, with a full house of entertainment and information designed to keep the ladies engaged and entertained for the weekend.  This has also been extended into Muttaburra, where some funding has been found to host a weekend of informative entertainment for the ladies at the most northern part of our region.

alpha now has a Boxing Club, and are hosting their first 'fight night' on July 22.

The Jockey Club are already in receipt of new sponsors for the 2014 Races, and have started planning events to support  the races in 2014.

The Rodeo and Campdraft clubs are negotiating new events and some skills development clinics for the region.  The Netball Clubs are celebrating their second new court and have been accepted as part of the Regional competition on home ground - the first time ever.

The Swimming Club and the Endurance Club are celebrating the recent announcement that the Alpha Swimming Pool will be upgraded to extend this six lane 25m pool to an 8 lane pool with heating.  The Central Highlands Endurance Club have already contacted Alpha to arrange for the SWIM component of their endurance events.

The Arts and Crafts are in negotiation with BRC and the Jockey Club to explore relocating to the Race Course - high and dry, with lots of room for their events.

The Golf Club and the Alpha Jockey Club are planning to extend their Fund Raising, and sharing this with the other clubs so that the successful fund raising is maintained. 

The Friday night fundraising/raffle nights are a great success, providing people with an excuse to get down to the Golf Club for a meal and meet up with friends. 

The Tourism Information Centre has also increased their activities, and Saturday mornings are now serving  up a Sausage in bread for the locals.  Sales of these has increased from around 30 or 40 to selling out (more than 100) every Saturday.

It is pleasing to see more people down the street, at events and meetings.  Jericho is also planning more events, with the FTroop Endurance Riders staging a ride this year as well as a workshop to get horses and riders Fit and ready for the ride.  The Arts and Craft ladies and the Krafty Kids have joined forces to explore new crafts over the school holidays.  The Dance class is ongoing, and there are more people at the Bush Nurses clinics and Sun Cancer Clinics than previously.  The numbers of senior citizens taking advantage of the HACC and their activities continues to show promise, with joint activities across the region.

The Medicare Local - Local Health Advisory Group has elected a new Secretary/Chair and are negotiating with the local Multi-purpose centre to bring more services to the region in both Alpha and Jericho.

The local 'Jellybeans Day Care CEntre' is joining the C & K community to provide Long Day Care for the community.



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