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South East Qld Carbon Farming Initiative Roadshow 2012
1 Oct 2012

Burnett-Mary, Queensland Murray Darling, Conservation Farmers, and SEQ Catchments Regional Landcare Facilitators (RLF’s) collaborated on delivering a 12 day Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) Roadshow throughout South East Queensland in September and October 2012. The roadshow featured a swathe of expertise speaking about soil carbon, nitrous oxide emissions, methane flaring, regrowth methodologies, and opportunities to participate in the CFI. Climate Change Officer Rhonda Toms-Morgan unpackaged the CFI for forum participants, and facilitated discussion amongst speakers and participants at all 12 events.

The roadshow provided opportunity for landholders, industry representatives, and the general public to discuss the Clean Energy Futures package, impacts and opportunities, and identify how the CFI would benefit their specific industry. The roadshow was attended by 321 people, with representation from a wide range of industries including beef, dairy, horticulture, sugarcane, cropping and piggeries. The success of the CFI roadshow in engaging producers to attend demonstrates a high level of benefit in collaborating cross regionally for issues that are synergistic across all industries and natural resource management issues.

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