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Sean Choolburra Workshop, Tennant Creek
3 Jul 2013
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Renowned comedian Sean Choolburra, who is famous for his unique brand of comedy that incorporates a stand up routine, dance, and hip-hop didgeridoo, ran workshops in Tennant Creek on Sunday 9th June. The workshops saw Sean create a series of comedic dances with the young children who attended, and a number of stand up routines with the young men. The workshops culminated in an entertaining live performance by the community members, followed by a hilarious and captivating show from Sean Choolburra.

Under the guidance of trainer Shayne Johnson, Media Mob were there to capture the days events, including an exclusive interview with Sean Choolburra. Highlighting their progression in filming techniques, storytelling and editing, the Media Mob edited together a short documentary that highlights the days events.

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