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MicroBlitz - National Science Week Event for Seniors
12 Aug 2013
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MicroBlitzing in the Lab!

Dig a little. Discover a lot.

What a great day!  Here we are -  all frocked up! 

First up in a full on day was a chat with Andy (Professor Whiteley), mastermind of the MicroBlitz project - he was captivating, or was that captive?  We had loads of questions for him and after a most informative hour we only let him 'off the hook' to stop for a cuppa.

Next up - Looking like real scientists we were in the lab extracting DNA from strawberries.  Who knew DNA actually looks like snot!   What a fun activity run by our host for the day Deborah - with her take home recipe for DNA cocktails Happy Hour will now be educational too!

Lunch - what a memorable spread! Many thanks to Wendy and Melina for feeding us.

Then into the field - now we all know how to take our soil samples we're looking forward to collecting our  own and sending them back to the MicroBlitz team for DNA sequencing. 

Behind the scenes also thanks to Chrissie, Sharlene and Bob.

This National Science Week event was sponsored by UWA, Inspiring Australia and COTA WA.

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