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22 May 2010
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These are some images from our Memoirs-Online project, which is the product of an eight year long collection of images from Collinsville, North Queensland.

This site has Expanded on our popular Memoirs I and II CD's and Books.

Memoirs-Online combines all the photos brought into the Collinsville Connect Telecentre over the years in an easy to use format.

Once we have added all our photos to the site, we will start adding audio, video and document files.

Once on the website To begin select the category you are interested in from the tabs at the top you can then use the search box to search for photos by keyword, or you can simply browse through the thumbnail images in the list at the bottom.

 To view an image in closer detail, click on the thumbnail image. You will then be taken to a page where you can read the details about the photo.

With each photo is a comment facility, where you can add information about the photo. We hope this will add valuable information to our collection.

Other features include our news section and upload section where you can add your own photos to Memoirs Online just follow the links in the top menu to find out more. We are adding new photos everyday, so stay tuned as our collection online grows... Happy viewing!



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